Shades Of Gray Pattern

Join us for our 2015 Block of the Month. Kits are no longer available from Quilting Confection but you can follow along on your own using our patterns. We would be happy to put together some fabrics to get you started or use your own.

Laura Coia has done our block of the month in her YouTube channel - SewVeryEasy so you can follow along. (SewVeryEasy is not affiliated with Quilting Confections, we just like each other!)

Here are the complete instructions.

Finishing Instructions

Finishing instructions for Shades of Gray can be found on page 3 of the Starting Instructions. These instructions include fabric requirements for the outer border and the hourglass blocks. Use a variety of fabrics to make the blocks.

Fabric Requirements For The Blocks

Start with a selection of black and white fabrics varying in value and add to that as you go along. For instance, I suggest about 12 of each to start, (quarter cuts will work well) - black on white, white on black, black with gray, and a few gray's as well. Vary the print size to add interest.

Make block #1, then put those fabrics aside to add in to a later block, spreading the fabrics out. In this way, you can still use a favorite fabric even though you may have just a small amount.

After you've made blocks 1, 2 and 3, you can sew the first row together with the hourglass blocks and a border block on each end. Each row can be completed as you go along.

Accent pieces can all be cut from 1m (39") of fabric with careful cutting. I suggest you make a cutting diagram/plan before cutting your accent pieces.

Shades Of Gray Fabric Requirements, Accent Fabric

#1 2½ x 11

#2 4 - 4½" squares

#3 3 - 4" squares

#4 4 - 4" squares

#5 2¼" x 15"

#6 6½" square

#7 4 - 2½ x 4½"

#8 6½" square

#9 4 - 1½" x 4½"

#10 2½" square

#11 2 - 4" squares

#12 6½" square

#13 4 - 1¼" x 8½"

#14 2 - 4" squares

#15 4 - 3 x 5½"

#16 4 - 4" squares

#17 2½" square

#18 4 - 4" squares

*Make a cutting plan/diagram before you start cutting.

These patterns are for personal use only. You may not republish them or post them anywhere else without permission. Feel free to post a link to this page, though.