Block of the Month

Wind Chimes
67” x 91”
September 2023 - August 2024

The non-refundable registration fee is $10. The fabrics you receive in your kit will be similar in colour to the blocks in our sample and they will be pre-washed.

Each month your kit will be available for pickup during the entire month for $6, as long as you bring a finished block from the previous month. Otherwise we will charge you $8.

All unclaimed blocks will be available for purchase the following month for $8.

If you are going to be away, you can prepay $8 for us to hold your block.

A finishing kit of 23 blocks (black and white blocks) plus borders and binding will be available to purchase to finish your quilt like our sample.

We are offering a prepayment option for the entire 12 (coloured) blocks. Pay $72 for all the blocks up front and you don’t have to show us your block each month. Just come in and pick it up, we will hold it for you.

If you would like the blocks to be mailed, the cost of the blocks are $10 each month, making this prepaid option $120.  Please email us at or call us at 519-250-8888 to use this option.

5 products

5 products