Walt's Pressing Cloth

Walt's Pressing Cloth


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A recently revealed secret of the Floriani family is to “heat set” the embroidery design once it is sewn. Using a Floriani press cloth will protect the embroidery thread from the surface of the iron while “setting” the color and stitch formation. Your embroidery will be perfect after it is laundered! Now you can own the press cloth used and recommended by Walt himself!

Multiple Uses for Floriani Pressing Cloth: 

  1. Once embroidery is complete and stabilizer is removed, lay the Pressing Cloth over the surface of the finished embroidery and press to heat set all colors.  This is especially important when using Rayon threads.
  2. Protect the surface of the iron when adhering Fusible style stabilizers to the garment or item.  Once the fusible stabilizer is positioned over the desired area (fusible side to wrong side of garment), lay the pressing cloth over the stabilizer.  Hold pressure with the iron, repeat as needed. 
  3. Protect delicate fabrics by using the Floriani Pressing Cloth between the fabric and iron surface