Use Chenille-It to Bind Your Next Quilt!

Chenille-It Blooming Bias is the perfect product for your next quilt! Use it for raw-edge appliqués, in between seams, or anywhere you want that added texture and drama on your piece!

Follow these simple steps to create a cozy chenille quilt using Blooming Bias Tape from Chenille-It:

  1. Decide whether the chenille will be added to quilt blocks or will be part of the quilting process. The cross-hatched quilts in the photo are quilted with chenille and the "baby" quilt had the chenille applied to the blocks before quilting.
  2. When adding to your blocks, you can use seams as a guide or trace shapes and lettering. I found colouring page pictures online and enlarged or shrunk on a photocopier to get a desired size. The lettering is an enlarged font from word processing software.
  3. The crosshatched quilting designs were first drawn onto the quilt sandwich, the bias tape is then laid down on the line and temporarily glued in place with Roxanne's Glue Baste It, or a Fons & Porter glue stick. Try not to stretch it as you glue it down.
  4. In both instances, stitch down the centre of the bias tape with your quilting thread.
  5. Consider applying the bias tape to the trimmed edges of your quilt. I added layers of two different colours to one of mine for a lovely finish.
  6. Wash your quilt and see the blooming effect! Chenille-It makes a light-weight quilt, unlike traditional chenille quilts made with several layers of flannel.
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